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PLMXML -- Examples of InternalRep Usage


Do there exist any examples of PLMXML utilizing the InternalRep element as the detailed information for a Representation of a ProductRevisionView?  I'm led to believe by the description in the PLMXML Schema that one can incorporate geometry into such an element, but the details of such a data structure are extremely sketchy.  


Also, assuming one were successful in adding geometry in this fashion, would JT2Go or a similar viewer be able to display it in conjunction with the geometry from JT files?  This is probably a more important question, because if the answer is "No" the issue of the data structure is moot.


Thanks for your time and help.


Re: PLMXML -- Examples of InternalRep Usage

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

It is possible to do what you describe but we don't not include examples of that with the JT Open Toolkit.

Geometry definitions defined this way in PLM XML will not display in JT2Go. JT2Go reads the JT data linked in the PLM XML for graphic display. If you had a PLM XML file with no linked JT it would load into JT2Go but display product structure only.

Mike Z