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PLMXML example fails with Load/Licensing error


I am trying to run the PLMXML example and am receiving the following messages:


Export license found.
Import license found.
Load Error: Licensing error: SDK is not licensed
Missing Adapter (JT), resolving: MODEL$_XML4.jt
Unable to load: "MODEL$_XML4.jt"  


The plmxmlSDK.dll, plmxmlSDL.lib, and  plmxmlAdapterJT60.dll files all exist.


What am I missing here?


Thanks for your time and help.


Re: PLMXML example fails with Load/Licensing error


Sorry about the double post before.  Let me try to narrow down the inquiry.


Specifically, how do I interpret the "SDK is not licensed" error?  The PLMXML SDK and the adapter came with the JT Open Toolkit product.  I have a valid license key that was used to install the product, and an associated Sold-To-ID number that has been substituted as needed in the code examples.  When I run the License example (which does nothing more than a license check using those key and ID values) it runs successfully. The JtkCADImporter and JtkCADExporter are being created properly.  


So where is the disconnect occurring?  Where is the code looking for a license key and failing to find one?  Is it a different key from the JT Open Toolkit key?  And if so, where does it go so that it may be found by the code?


Again, thanks for any help anyone can provide or light anyone can shed on this situation...

Re: PLMXML example fails with Load/Licensing error


I have not worked with the PLMXML SDK  yet but with the JTOpen toolkit you do need to run the "License" example first. You may need to use either your sold-to ID (without the zeroes in front) or the license key.




Try these steps and let me know if it resolves your issue


Make sure your environment variables are set up properly

JTTK_DEV_PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\Siemens\JTOpenToolkit\8_5\dev


1. First open the "License" project file (license_check_VS2013.vcxproj) In the "License" example, uncomment the following line. Note: Use your sold-to ID (not your JT toolkit license key) and take off the zeros at the beginning! So if your sold-to ID is 0001234567, take off those 3 zeros at the beginning like so.




2. Right-click on the project file and clicked "Build". Note: You may have to grant administrator rights to your JTOpen folder for some reason. In Windows Explorer, you can just do this by right clicking on the JTOpen toolkit directory and granting read/write privileges.


3. Open up the project file for your example. Ex) "yourexample_VS2013.vcxproj"


4. In "main.cpp" for your example, uncomment the following line


5. Build your solution. Note: Click on properties in Visual Studio and make sure you are configured for the x64 platform 


6. If there are no errors in your code, then an executable (.exe) should now be there. 

7. Run the .exe and your JT file should be generated!

Re: PLMXML example fails with Load/Licensing error


Thank you for the reply.


Per my original post(s) (at least the second, more detailed one), I have run the license check and several other examples successfully, following the steps you outline.  The only one giving me an issue is the one with the PLMXML SDK libraries added.

Re: PLMXML example fails with Load/Licensing error

Problem solved. I echoed the contents of the system PATH variable and saw references to libraries from an earlier (and apparently incorrect) installation of either the JT Open Toolkit or the PLMXML SDK. As soon as I removed the offending files, so that the only valid ones on the path were in the folders I installed (correctly) last evening, the example ran properly.

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