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Processing multiple transform attributes from a Plant simulate .JT file

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi all,

I'm reading a plant simulate JT file and some assemblies are at the wrong location, compared to JT2Go.


These assemblies have several transform so, as indicated by the documentation, I combine these matrices and still get wrong position and scales.


My question is:

is there something special I need to do with these transform attributes ?

How do I identify the assemblies on wich I need to make this special action ?

Is there a rule of thumbs in Plant simulate case ?



In details:

One of these assemblies contains 4 transforms, trial and errors showed that the correct position is one of the transforms position BUT the other 3 transforms are : a unit matrix, the 2 other ones just don't make sens regardin the result in JT2GO.


Thanks for any hint.