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Run examples: "Unable to start program" & 0xc00007b “the application was unable to start correctly"

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Valued Contributor


Unable to start program:

When I try to run the examples I get the following error:

Unable to start program. 
The system cannot find the file specified.

 In this case I tried to use the shipped VS2012 project files with VS2013, but it applies to other versions as well.


Building the project actually works and creates "layers2_vc12_x64_Debug.exe" in the projects root folder. In my case that's just not the place where the debugger expects the file to be.


For me it worked to go to the Projects Settings -> Configurations Properties -> Debugging and replace the content of the field "Command" "$(TargetPath)" with "$(ProjectDir)\$(ProjectName)_vc12_$(Platform)_Debug.exe"


A more elegant solution could be to set a better output folder and name for the executable. The project's root doesn't seem to be the perfect place.


0xc00007b “the application was unable to start correctly”:

Afterwards I got a 0xc00007b error. This error is usually caused if 32bit applications try to excute themselves in a 64bit environment.

In my case the default build target was 32bit in a 64bit environment. Selecting "x64" as build target helped.


Re: Run examples: "Unable to start program" & 0xc00007b “the application was unable to

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Solution is included in the 'question'.

This is mainly a bug report.

It should help other people to resolve the problem, if they experience it as well.

Re: Run examples: "Unable to start program" & 0xc00007b “the application was unable to


Thanks for posting this, I was running into this same exact error. 

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