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Using the Jt Toolkit with c#




I am a Process Simulate user and want to do some experiments with jt files (create, write).

Can I use the Toolkit with the C# programming language because i am not familiar with c++ at all.

Are there some c# examples available?

Thank you!


Re: Using the Jt Toolkit with c#

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

JT Toolkit does not support C#. What types of things are you looking to do with JT?

Mike Z

Re: Using the Jt Toolkit with c#

Nothing special. For a beginning I thought about creating frame-models and point clouds with spheres from excel files or text files.
I know that i can do that by using the robface importer but it would be nicer to do that directly.

Re: Using the Jt Toolkit with c#

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

 This technically possible using Pinvoke, Reverse Pinvoke and Marshalling, but you'll have to know C++ to code the C++ part.

Hope this helps.

Re: Using the Jt Toolkit with c#


I am trying to load JT files using pInvoke, but getting entrypointnot found error.

Please help me to resolve following issues--

Which dll file need to invoke(I am trying to import JtTk90.dll)

What is the definition of entrypoint function(I am tring with

EntryPoint = "?init@JtkEntityFactory@@SAXW4parasolidOption@1@W4environmentOption@1@PBD@Z"



How to load JT files in C# wrapper application ?


Please reply as soon as possible.