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Why is import in JTOpenToolkit so slow compared to JT2Go ???


Hi Folks,


I noticed a considerable latency when loading a JT model with JT OpenToolkit.


I tried any import option combination possible, even exluding everything (Geometries, Brep, PMI,...)


The model that I use is fairly large (5000 hierarchy nodes) but in comparaison the JT2Go viewer is able to load absolutely everything very fast.


With JT2Go in less than a few seconds the full model is loaded and displayed, whereas it sometimes takes me a whole minute until the same model is simply imported in JTOpenTK.


Does that mean that JT2Go uses a home brewed JT loader and that JTOpenToolkit is not as optimized at it could be ?


Please help me figuring this one out.


Re: Why is import in JTOpenToolkit so slow compared to JT2Go ???

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius


This is a common observation, JT2Go is using the same technology to load JT files but makes use of late loading features not currently supported in the Toolkit. The toolkit loads the entire file  before returning. We did add a new feature in the 8.5 release of JTTK where by users can make call backs as the file is loading. This doesn't really make the file load faster but does allow for response while the file is loading.

We are now looking at adding a late loading capability to JTTK in the next release, Q1 2018

Mike Z

Mike Z

Re: Why is import in JTOpenToolkit so slow compared to JT2Go ???


Neat, thanks for your enlighting answer.

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