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geom simple example in JTopen 8.5


I'm new to the JTOpen format and I am working with the Geom_simple example in the JTOpen toolkit 8.5 and I am using MS Visual Studio 2013.


How can I view the .obj files that are outputted? No JT files were outputted when I compiled the code. I tried to use Meshlab but it stated that "No vertex" was found


Below are my steps and attached is the log file


1. Opened the project file "geometry_VS2013.vcxproj" with MS Visual Studio 2013

2. Right-clicked on the geometry project file and clicked "Build". Note: I had to grant administrator rights to my JTOpen folder for some reason.


3. There were two .obj files that were outputted. "geom.obj" and "main.obj". I tried to use MeshLab to open them but I got the error message "No vertex" was found.


My user environment variables are below



JTTK_DEV_PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\Siemens\JTOpenToolkit\8_5\dev



Out of curiousity, has anyone worked with the JTopen toolkit on a Mac? I was thinking of using CLion.


Note: For each example's "main.cpp", insert the <Sold_To_ID>:


JtkEntityFactory::registerCustomer( <Sold_To_ID> );



Re: geom simple example in JTopen 8.5


Thanks to @AmyWebster, I was able to resolve the issue


1. In the "License" example, uncomment the following line. Note: Use your sold-to ID (not your JT toolkit license key) and take off the zeros at the beginning! So if your sold-to ID is 0001234567, take off those 3 zeros at the beginning like so.



2. Build your solution

3. Open up the project file for your example. For the "Geometry Simple" example, it would be "geometry_VS2013.vcxproj"


4. In "main.cpp" for the "Geometry simple" example, uncomment the following line


5. Build your solution. Note: Click on properties and make sure you are configured for the x64 platform




6. If there are no errors in your code, then an executable (.exe) should now be there. 

7. Run the .exe and your JT file should be generated!