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Auto update from 10.1.5 to 11.2 (Simplified Chinese only)

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

JT2Go 10.1.5 was the first release to provide an auto update option. With the release of JT2Go 11.2, users who have this option turned on will see a message to update their version.

Users of the Simplified Chinese locale who are working with the 10.1.5 release of JT2Go may find this feature is not working. A defect has been identified, and corrected in 11.2, that caused this issue.

Simplified Chinese locale users can update their version 10.1.5 version to 11.2 as they have before with no issue.

There is a simple work around that will correct the defect for users who have expierenced this issue..

Launch JT2Go 10.1.5 then change a JT2Go setting (such as “Loaded Parts On” from the JT2Go menu – toggle it off and then on again).  This action will generate a user specific registry key that the Auto Update feature is keying off of to look for a newer version of the product.  You can then use the JT2Go->Support->Check for Updates menu option or exit and restart the application to access the auto update feature.


Mike Z