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JT2GO 11.2_"Microsoft Office integration"


Hi all,

I couldn't open a JT-file or perform any analysis in MS-Office after updated to 11.2. I also noticed that the JT2GoFV.exe is missing in the installation directory.

Is Microsoft Office integration in JT2Go 11.2 excluded?


Re: JT2GO 11.2_"Microsoft Office integration"

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Yes you are right, Office integration is thrown out.
Think the easy way is now to integrate a PDF-File (Page) with an 3D PDF file.

For this you can use Office File save as PDF, a freeware PDF editor and a 3D PDF out file from Solid Edge (or other).


Best Regards


Re: JT2GO 11.2_"Microsoft Office integration"

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Siemens Phenom

Yes, it was excluded.  JT2Go 11.2 is 64-bit only and the Office Integration in prior versions was 32-bit and required the use of an ActiveX control.  The ActiveX control was not ported to 64-bit. 


See also:


In JT2Go 11.2, the ability to attach a monolithic or single part Jt file to a PDF, has been added - see the legacy Menu->JT2Go->Attach Jt to PDF File option.   If a Jt file is attached to the PDF, if you open the PDF file in JT2Go, it will open the PDF into the Info Browser window and open the JT file in JT2Go.


Also take a look in the Examples directory for information on how to configure Adobe and also view the example pdf file, Quote package_demo_12082015.pdf.




Re: JT2GO 11.2_"Microsoft Office integration"

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Valued Contributor



Hello, it seems for me much easier when snapshots in JT2Go "can be saved" to JT or VFZ file, like it is possible in real at "Temcenter Vis".

And we open an separate file office, excel, PowerPoint, pdf, mp4 or however, where is an snapshot (example done with snipping tool from WIN) placed from the JT / VFZ file.

Example Picture is named "24" in your open doc and named same name in the snapshot bar in JT2Go.

It is not an good practice to need to open Files in JT2Go for an non JT File and also to split the screen. The thing with the links is only a nice thing to have, but it needs more work this to do and to handle like to put same named pictures in an file or in a clip with a same named snapshot in JT2Go.

We know at the moment is JT2Go is a non-saving system.