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JT2Go 11.2.2 size HTML changes possible?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello JT2Go Forum,


We have tested already the function of HTML creation with in JT2Go 11.2.2. For us we found out it is a great thing for JT Files with a size not more than 5 or 7 MB.  We in our company think to use the HTML Viewer for our first examples Model. This can we put in a cloud storage or FTP Server. The thing is now we find out that a JT Model with a size from 10 or 13 MB is after HTML creation 60 or 70 MB and it use in MS Internet Explorer than near 1400 or 1500 MB workspace memory.  The CPU runs near 40 or 60 %.
Now our question is it possible to compromising the HTML File?
Or is a setting possible for MS Internet Explorer?
JT Files we create with Solid Edge ST7 or ST8 with the settings as low we can to get the JT file saved in low size.

Best regards