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JT2Go Desktop File Selection Dialog


Dear Community


I would like to use JT2Go Viewer since our CAD Work is done in NX and PMI rich data could be made portable easy with the viewer.


Now when I start the viewer and try to open a file there appears to be an Windows 3.1 Dialog where I am unable to find my files (no links, no favourites, no recent files)


Have I just picked a 10 year old version there or can this appearance somehow be changed back to today's OS Level?




Re: JT2Go Desktop File Selection Dialog

Hi @mascaritas,

You will find the same 'Old Open' dialog in TCVis also. As JT2Go is based on the TCVis, so it may be as designed. Lets expect someone from Siemens will mention the reason for the same. 

Ganesh Kadole, QA Analyst (PLM), SQS
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Re: JT2Go Desktop File Selection Dialog


I was wondering the same when I had a test installation of TCVis, which after all is no freeware as far as I know...

Re: JT2Go Desktop File Selection Dialog

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

The file open dialog is unchanged. What we have makes use of the "users area" to navigate back to repeat locations. Have you tried that?

Mike Z

Re: JT2Go Desktop File Selection Dialog


I will try it out.


Generally the program user likes to use good dialogs and if the exist on OS level already, he will never want to look for other implementations of the already existing functionallity somewhere else. That would be redundant.


Re: JT2Go Desktop File Selection Dialog


Just to be clear, we are talking about a dialog that looks like this:


Re: JT2Go Desktop File Selection Dialog

Quite old style and very slow as well.

I wanted to do a quick demo to IT collegues but I think they will laugh as soon as I show such a window to open files and wait 1 to 2 minutes to change directory.

Anyone can help me?


Re: JT2Go Desktop File Selection Dialog




The best workaround for me is:


  1. Create/export JT Files
  2. Convert to 3D pdf with tetra 4D
  3. Browse and share lightweigtmodels in this format



Adobe Reader is universal



You need Adobe Acrobat that has a terrible file dialog as well, not win 3.1 style but a lot of quirks with inferred file saving paths



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