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JT2Go: Saving Snapshots for later use


Hello Community,


I wanted to know if someone here knows a way to save Snapshots in JT2Go to a file or something similar to make them consistent when closing the program and make it possible to use them in the future. Hopefully someone can answer this, because it would save much time for my coworkers and me.

I don't know if it is important, but we are using JT2Go 11.2 on Win7 Prof 64bit Computers.


Thank you for your help
Patrick Hahn


Re: JT2Go: Saving Snapshots for later use

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

Hi Patrick,


That capability of saving snapshots for future use is not available in JT2Go.  What you are referring to would be the saving of a session (via a session file or a session package) and that capability is only available in the Teamcenter Visualization Product Line.



Re: JT2Go: Saving Snapshots for later use

Gears Legend Gears Legend
Gears Legend
Hello Patrick,
it is a non supported way existing.
Download Solid Edge Viewer St 6(5)
run the app in administration mode.
than you see the internal windows from jt2go too. Close than the solid edge viewer and run direct the integrated visview.exe inside the solid edge viewer. After running you see a little window at the left corner of your screen. Max it and you see the internal jt2go viewer from solid edge viewer. With this you can save snap shots. The viewer ask when closing if you will save your changes (if you have done changes) as .vfz file.

Best wishes to you.