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JT2Go changes file type associations

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Siemens Experimenter


I'm experiencing the following trouble using JT2go and TC Vis:

The default program with which JT files are opened changes with each start of JT2go and TC Vis. Always the latest used program is used.

While this is not a major issue with TC Vis as it is the main working tool, it is an issue with JT2go as it is only used in some cases and then disrupts workflows.

Is there any way (like a start-up parameter e.g.) to prevent JT2go to change these automatic file type associations? And -by the way- are there any other start-up parameters?

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Re: JT2Go changes file type associations

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At this time, that is the way TcVis and JT2Go work - there is no way to alter the behavior at this time.   The TcVis team would be responsible for any type of change to this behavior.  My suggestion is that you log an IR against TcVis through the GTAC website.