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JT2Go unable to display parasolid brep


Hi everyone,


This time I'm having troubles with JT2Go and a file with geometry.


JT2Go won't display it. Only the structure is displayed correctly. It also displays that the file has PMIs, which it definitely does not have. Smiley Surprised




I suspect our exporter to create something incorrect. Can someone confirm this or even tell me what is wrong with the file.

I can load the geometry correctly from the file with our importer.


Re: JT2Go unable to display parasolid brep

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

The file is the same part that you sent to us before.  Did you re-export this differently?  In your last post, the geometry was visible, but it did not show up unless you changed the size culling setting.   Is this the same issue?



Re: JT2Go unable to display parasolid brep


This time, the file only contains brep and no tessellated data. I disabled all culling parameters but nothing ist displayed.

Re: JT2Go unable to display parasolid brep

Hi @Chaosmeister,

Something is wrong with the JT file. When I opened the JT file in NX, there is warning about the "missing length units"jt open nx 10.PNG


Checked the JT file in JT2GO(11.2.3) and TC Vis Pro 11.2, there was no geometry visible in UI at all. Irrespective of visibility of the geometry, I had exported the JT file from TC Vis and opened in NX again and there I can see the geometry of the JT.


jt vis export.PNG


Strange thing is when same  JT (exported from TC Vis) is opened in JT2GO, the geometry is not visible.


Ganesh Kadole, QA Analyst (PLM), SQS
Testing: NX 11 | NX 12 | TCIN
TC 11.2 | TC Vis 11.3 | AWC 3.2

Re: JT2Go unable to display parasolid brep




Thanks for the efforts! I'd like to find out, what exactly is wrong with the file so I can fix it. Smiley Very Happy

I'm using JT2Go and I can confirm your described behaviour.


However the clip in the Vis_Export_Clip directory seems to be missing the part(?).



Vis_Export_Clip.jt has it's part.

The PMI-Flag is gone and the fileformat changed from V9.5 to V10 in both your exports.


Could the "missing length units" prevent JT2Go to display the brep correctly?


So NX can display the geometry if TC Vis re-exports it?
Can NX display my uploaded original file?


Re: JT2Go unable to display parasolid brep

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

The last time we went through this, you indicated the following:


I'm using the Techsoft3D Exporter "Exchange".

However I'm not directly converting. Instead, I parse the files and translate them into my internal visualization format. I then export the tessellation from my internal format to JT.


I will forward this information to the exchange-team to find out what i'm doing wrong.


Can you check with this team again to see if they can help you determine what is wrong with your export.



Re: JT2Go unable to display parasolid brep


Hey Rick,

Thanks for the reply!


Like in my first issue, I already asked the Team from Techsoft3D for help, but since they are able to import their own written format, they won't put much effort in resolving problems with other software. So that is most probably a deadend.

However if I can pinpoint the issue, they might be able to fix it without much effort - and this is increasing the chance that they will fix it at all.


I can also understand if you would not want to support any software other than your own.

I'd appreciate your (and anybody elses) help though.


And reading a semi-valid jt file should also be in interest for the JT2Go-team Smiley Wink

Re: JT2Go unable to display parasolid brep

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

Hello all,


   First of all, thank you for the questions here, which highlight some questions I'll bet other folks have as well.   Let me get right to it.


   I have examined both of the files that are the subject of this discussion forum to determine what's up. I know it can be frustrating when something doesn't work the way one thinks it should.  My group and I are the original authors of the JT file format, and have been maintaining and developing it since its original inception in 1996.


   The issue with is that it was written with an area of 0 on the TriStripSet nodes.  The area field must be correct in the JT file, otherwise it is invalid, and will likely not display.  This area field is not optional, and not arbitrary.  It must contain a reasonable approximation to the model-coordinate space area of the TriStripSet, otherwise it's a case of "garbage-in, garbage-out."


   The issue with the second file is that it contains no tessellated geometry at all.  This is not a supported scene graph construction, as documented in the "Best Practices" chaper of the JT Specification, in the section titled "LSG Part Structure".  The first purpose of the JT file is to support fast and efficient visualization, and that can't be done with only an XTBrep present.  Tessellating a Brep to polygons is a very time-consuming process when done correctly, and not something that any application is going to want to do (particular on large assemblies) every time it loads a JT file.


   The purpose of the JT, and the specification itself, is to make JT as open an widely useful as possible, both in our own products and in 3rd party products and workflows.  But that can only happen if the conventions and rules set up in the Specification are met.  Concretely, this means writing a valid area and tessellation to to every JT file.


Best Regards,


Michael Carter

Siemens PLM / DirectModel

Re: JT2Go unable to display parasolid brep


Hello Michael,


Thanks a lot for the insight!


The first issue is already in a work-in-progress state.


The explanation for the second issue is also comprehensible for me.
We can work with that.


Thank you very much for sharing this information.

Have a great day!

Re: JT2Go unable to display parasolid brep

@MikeCarter Thank you for the information! Smiley Happy


Ganesh Kadole, QA Analyst (PLM), SQS
Testing: NX 11 | NX 12 | TCIN
TC 11.2 | TC Vis 11.3 | AWC 3.2

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