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JY2go 3 points section


Is there anybody who know if on JT2go is possible to perform a section through 3 poins plane?

It seems to be possible create section only thourgh X,Y,Z axis..





Re: JY2go 3 points section


Hello Toni,


with JT2Go not possible.

It is Possible with TCvis or you use from Solid Edge a PMI section.

For PMI you must save the JT-File with PMI.

You find this in the option at saving under Solid Edge.



Re: JY2go 3 points section


OK Thanks

Do you know guys here how to request an enhancement on JT2go? I know that there is a specific channel different from others SPLM sofware




Re: JY2go 3 points section


Hi Toni,


if you ask for additional freeware for desktops based on PLMvis there are



Xpresreview 10.1.3 (32 bit based on PLMvis 10)

Solid Edge (free) Viewer 9 (32 bit based on PLMvis 10)

JT2Go 10.1.5 (32 bit based on PLMvis 10)

JT2Go 11.2.2 (based on PLMvis 11)


non Freeware

Inside Connect EN / View and Markup DE (32 bit based on PLMvis 10)

Teamcenter Life.. Visualisation (32/64 bit based on PLMvis 11)

NX Cam Viewer (64[32?] bit in parts based on PLMvis 11)


for use with additional funktions I think Teamcenter Life... Vis is the best version.


for working with freeware with differend funktion I think you need a combination from

Xpresreview 10.1.3

Solid Edge (free) Viewer 9

JT2Go 10.1.5

this ones has the same base.


hope this helps






Re: JY2go 3 points section


HI Wolfgang,

No, I was just asking how to request one more features on JT2g0.

How can I request in general enhancements to the sofware?




Re: JY2go 3 points section

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

Hi Toni,


To request an enhancement to JT2Go, you have to be a JT Open program member and can request them through the Siemens GTAC website.


As for the 3-point cross section, that is a paid for feature of Teamcenter Visualization and cannot be added to JT2Go, as it is a free product.




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