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Partially Visible parts in JT2Go


I am trying to view a model in JT2Go, but all the parts of the model appear as being "partially visible". However, I cannot see them at all. How can I make them visible?


This is probably very basic, but I have just got the program, and am a slow learner it seems!


Thanks for any help


Re: Partially Visible parts in JT2Go

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
Hello Atohal,

first try right mouse click in main view and than click on "switch all parts on"

it is also possible to switch permanent over the main menu "loaded parts on".

Hope this help a bit
Best regards

Re: Partially Visible parts in JT2Go

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Is this the JT2Go desktop version (11.2.2) or one of the mobile platforms (IOS/Android/Windows 10 App)?


If the Desktop version, if you expand the Assembly tree (in the Project Workspace) completely, if you see red X's in the tree, you are missing the jt files associated with the parts that you cannot see.  Please ensure that you have all of the Jt files for the assembly.  If there are no red X's in the tree, you can turn on the entire assembly by clicking on the top node checkbox in the Assembly tree or RMB in the background of the viewer area (i.e. not over Jt data), and select "All On".


If you are using IOS/Android/Windows 10 App, if you used the structure dialog at all, it is possible that you drilled down into a subassembly, which will causes it to become the focus of the viewer and the rest of the parts are turned off.  To turn parts back on, touch the icon that is associated with the top node in the structure (icons toggle part/assembly visibility).