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Speed of Zoom while using Mousewheel


Is there any possibility to make the speed of the mousewheel zoom faster? When I try to zoom in I need a lot of effort to use the mousewheel.



Re: Speed of Zoom while using Mousewheel

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

I am going to need more information.


What product/version are you using?

JT2Go UWP app?

JT2Go Desktop App?

JT2Go Desktop UWP App?

Unity Plugin?

JT 4 Office (Office Add-in)?


What type of graphics support do you have in your system (integrated or a graphics card)?  If a card, what type of card?

If you can also run dxdiag on your system, save all the information and attach the .txt file you save, that would also help - it will give us all the information about your system.




Betreff: Speed of Zoom while using Mousewheel


Hello @Dennis3,


hope I get your point right you use JT2Go Desktop

and (or) JT2Go Windows 10 Desktop App and like to zoom deeper in a 3D JT File?

In addition, you try this with the mouse wheel and it stops after a fast zoom in at a point in the 3D view?

This can happen because zoom in is at maximum.

Now you have the option to use view-> (view) clipping -> field of view

Here is the standard 28 so you can move to one.

I set in general before using JT2Go this standard up to 60 than "zoom" (focal length) has more space.

Attached here find an example how to use and find the function:



Best Regards