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VFFrame error trying to load files into JT2Go




I am trying to open jt filesin JT2Go and keep getting the following error on every single file (including the samples).


VFFrame Version 10.1 32 Bit has stopped working.


This is a Windows 8 system with 64 bit and JT2Go 10.1.2.


Rather exasperating and any suggestions will be appreciated.



Re: VFFrame error trying to load files into JT2Go

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

This post was just brought to my attention and I see that there are people still having a problem.  My first suggestion (if this hasn't already been done) would be for you to uninstall the version of JT2Go that you have on your machine and download/install the latest 64-bit version available ( and see if you are still having the issue.