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About Build Human


One of the critical anthropometric measurement for design is popliteal height which is critical for seat height. But In human build in Jack i cant see this value. How can input this value?




Re: About Build Human

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius


On the right_upper_leg segment, you will find the poplit site for reference.

While popliteal height is not a scaling input, you can easily measure this height using the advanced ruler, found under the Utilities menu. Interactive scaling of the figure should allow you to achieve the popliteal height you need.


Re: About Build Human

I dont want to measure this height, based on the value i have inputed as popliteal height i want to adjust sitting height then table height etc. Based on anthropometric design prenciples popliteal height determines sitting height, popliteal height plus elbow heigt determines table heigt. In scaling system there is lower leg height input but this value is not equal to popliteal height.