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‘‘Add Hand Brace‘‘ in ‘‘TSB‘‘



Hello everybody,


how can I use ‘‘Add Hand Brace‘‘ in TSB?


Human has to drill overhead, he has to drill for 7 seconds. That means, for the process of drilling he has to exert a force (For Example in vertical direction), so I need to use ‘’ Apply Force ‘’ in TSB, in order to make my animation. And I want to simulate this process so, that during the exertion of Force(7 seconds) Human holds one step of ladder with his left Hand, in order to keep his stability for not falling from the Ladder (Please look at A.Image in attachments), do I have to use ‘‘Add Hand Brace‘‘ at all in this case? If yes, how can I do that? There is an example in Jack_base-Manual about ‘‘Add Hand Brace‘‘, this example is in a static position. But as I said, I would like to use ‘‘Add Hand Brace‘‘ for creating an animation in ‘’ TSB ‘’.


There is an other alternative procedure for performing this kind of drilling, and it is so that Human stands on a small stool and has to drill overhead, in this case he can put his left hand on a surface for not only keeping his stability, but also for a better exertion of force (Please look at B.Image and C.Image in attachments) ! I think, in this case, I need ‘‘Add Hand Brace‘‘, is that right? If yes I have a gain the same question, how can I use ‘‘Add Hand Brace‘‘ in ‘’ TSB’’?


I will be so grateful for a quick response. And it will be so nice, if you attach a movie for teaching that, because Ms Christina_Cort attached before a movie for teaching ‘’Apply Force in TSB’’, which was very helpful.


Sincerely yours,