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Changing mouse controls



This may seem silly, but I'm in the middle of my Masters Degree project that heavily involves Jack 8.2. I am use to using the mouse controls to move humans / objects with LMB = left/right, RMB= back/forward and MMB= up/down. I don't know what I have done but somehow these have been mixed up and its a nightmare,


Does anyone know how to reset these?







Re: Changing mouse controls

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Maybe Global versus local coordination system was changed - you can change it by option in Move menu or pressing spacebar on your keyboard.


Or if the issue is Jack connected, you can set back a factory default setting - please see the pdf document attached.


Otherwise I would check mouse setting in Windows.





Re: Changing mouse controls

To add to Martin's suggestions.


Jack uses the following controls when moving humans or objects:


LMB = translate along global X axis

RMB = translate along global Z axis


It is likely that you’ve just moved your viewpoint in the environment file such that the x and z axes are reversed from your original view (Global Y axis should point up).  You can either move the camera around such that you’re comfortable with the manipulation controls, or hold both buttons down at once while moving the object – this will enable motion along the x-z plane and will follow the mouse’s motion regardless of your viewpoint.


Re: Changing mouse controls

Hi Martin,



Thanks for the tip,


Very useful!!


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Re: Changing mouse controls

Hi UlrichRaschke,

Thanks for the info, got my probelm sorted,