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Cumulative Loading


Hi every one,


I made several simulations, Human takes a drilling machine and goes forward and then starts to drill in a surface with an exerted force of 60N upward or forward. At the end of every simulation, I opend the Cumulative loading Menu, I entered the "Shift Duration" as 8 Hours and the number of "simulation" 1260, but after clicking on Save Report and opening the created excel-file, this excel-file is empty!!! Do you know why?


Because normaly even when the Limit Values of "22.5 MNs " and "0.6 MNms" are not exceeded, should software give the outputs about Cumulative Loading.


Then I made a very simple simulation, human only goes forward for 10 seconds, after runing this simulation I opened the Cumulative Loading. This time the created excel file is not empty, there are some outputs!!!


Sincerely yours,