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Custom Clothing

Hello all,


I need human models in full body protective equipment.  Does Jack have the ability to create/import custom clothing?  If so so, where is that tool?





Re: Custom Clothing



You can try the following steps:


 1.) Import the clothes/body equipments as any other CAD objects and then place it on the respective locations over the Jack model like gloces on hands, helemts on head etc.

2.) Then attach the individual CAD files with the respective body segements.By doing this it will ensure that the equipments will as you keep on moving the Jack model's segment.


Note : To import the CAD models go to File > Import and then select the respective file to import.



Re: Custom Clothing

but will that cad model of hand gloves moves as per Jack's fingers, while animating (in TSB) ?

Re: Custom Clothing

[ Edited ]

While adding custom full body gear is not yet supported, in the next release of Jack, we have included a new figure wearing protective gloves and boots.  We hope this can be helpful!  You can adjust the thickness of the gloves and the height of the boot sole.


A Jack v8.4 Beta will be available in the coming weeks for evaluation and the release is scheduled for early fall.


Re: Custom Clothing

Thank you for your valuable feedback. Looking forward for new updates.


Re: Custom Clothing


Thank you for your valuable feedback. there is one more question, in next version of jack can we get some more clothes in jack like Mechanic clothes, Doctor's clothes or businessman type jack in suit?


Thanks and Regards.

Re: Custom Clothing

We hope to expand support for clothing options in a future Jack release, but this is still currently being investigated!  I have made a note of your requests!  Stay tuned Smiley Happy

Re: Custom Clothing

Thanks a lot.