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Ergonomic Report

Hi All,


Is there a way in "Process simulate human", to see the effect on human when he performs an activity repetitively for specified period. For example a worker working in a shift in a production facility.


Eagerly waiting for reply


Many Thanks in Advance


Re: Ergonomic Report



There are several options that could be helpful for the evaulation of repetitive tasks... these are accessible with the Human Advanced License:


Low Back Cumulative Loading Tool: allows you to evaulate the demands on the low back accross an entire workshift, accounting for shift duration and task repetition.


ForceSolver: allows you to evaluate a specific posture, including the effects of task frequency/cycle and task or effort duration. The evaluation considers strength as well as low back demands.


Other analyis options include OWAS, EAWS, NIOSH, a Fatigue Evaluation, RULA, and more. 

Re: Ergonomic Report

Hello Christina, Thank you for your reply. I was able to find the option for finding the result over shifts in "Cumulative back load" and "force solver" analysis tool. So Is there a way to see "Fatigue Report" over an entire shift as we have in the above mentioned analysis tool? Many thanks in advance
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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Ergonomic Report



From the 'Analysis Tools' dialog, check the Fatigue option and make sure 'Simulation' is selected.  Then, once you run a simulation, you can open the Report Viewer to see the Fatigue results. Note: this tool evaluates the duration of the simulation, not necessarily the work shift.  I suggest having your simulation duration reflect your cycle time.  You will get feedback about if the cycle includes enough 'rest' time any effected joints to recover before beginning the cycle again. The assumption is that if there is sufficient recovery time within each 'cycle', fatigue should not occur across the course of a shift.  This tool is based on the work of Rohmert et al (1973).  You may wish to read this original work, to become familiar with the assumptions and any potential limitations as they may apply to your application.  


Re: Ergonomic Report

Hello, Thank you for reply and information regarding the Analysis.

Re: Ergonomic Report

Hi, I'm trying to estimate the low back load but the analysis just gives me the value for compression, how can acces o the value for anterior/posterior and lateral shear? The same with the muscles, how can access to the values more that the graphs? Thanks in advance! Sergio

Re: Ergonomic Report



I am not sure I fully understand the question.

Looking at the static version of the Low Back analysis, the report does contain the Shear, Lateral Shear and Moment data in addition to the Compression information: 


If you do not have any load assigned to the model, it is likely that most of these will be close to zero.


If you need acces to the actual numbers for some other post processing

-> You can take a look at the "raw reports".


These are in .xml format and can be located under:

C:\Users\ $USER_NAME$ \AppData\Roaming\Tecnomatix\Reports


If you created a low back analysis you will find e.g. the data below:


Re: Ergonomic Report

Thank you!
You understood perfectly