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Fatigue Ergonomic Report issue


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Hello ,

             I have created a simple simulation as shown above. While generating the fatigue ergonomics report it states that " for current task demands there is sufficient recovery time available to avoid accumulation of muscle fatigue". My team beleives that there is fatigue failure during the process. Now my question is there any groundline conditions for fatigue failure ? Is there any way to trigger a fatigue failure for the process?

Thank you



Re: Fatigue Ergonomic Report issue

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Is this still an issue/question for you?

If it is, can you let me know if you have assigned a weight to the tool the human is using?


If there is no weight, it is likely that there will be nothing reported in the fatigue analysis.

If there is a weight, but still no fatigue building up - I may need to take a look at the study.

Is it something you are able to share?


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Re: Fatigue Ergonomic Report issue


Hello Pelle


Thanks for being so helpful ... I am replying on behalf of Sid ... we have assigned 2Kg weight to the object but the process simulate says enough recovery time exists for the human ... however we increased the weight to 10kg and observed that 6.1 seconds is now required for the right shoulder ... however, I am still confused that why in the results, the force values are like a peak and not like hill type graph. it is like for just a quick moment the force is applied to the joint but we have 2-3 seconds for each tasks so it should not be a quick peak force.


Can you please shed a light on that? Are we missing something?


Also one more question, why fatigue does not consider e.g. 6hours shift? IS there anyway to produce fatigue report for a full shift? 


Unfortuantely we cannot share the actual simulation for now ... 


I am attaching the report between 2kg and 10kg scenarios