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Fatigue and Recovery per shift in TAT


Hi every one,


As you now for the calculation of Recovery time, after selecting the human in desired posture, we have to enter "Cycle Duration(sec)" and "Posture Duration(sec)" .


After posturing the Human in desired Posture, I give  "Cycle Duration(sec)" as 15 sec and "Posture Duration(sec)" as 5 sec. Then, the recovery time can be calculated.


But can I calculate this recovery time for a shift too ( without making a simulation)? I mean, for example this cycle happens 50 times in a shift, so can I multiply the "Cycle Duration(sec)" and "Posture Duration(sec)"  in 50 and then enter them in Fatigue and Recovery Menu?


I mean, so:


15*50=750 sec as  "Cycle Duration(sec)"   and     5*50=250  as "Posture Duration(sec)" .


Sincerely yours,