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General Information regarding Process Simulate Human

Hi all,


I have following queries regarding human ergonomic simulation in Process simulate :


1.) While creating an operation, for example "Walk Operation", on what basis the software commutes the  standard time, and displayes it on the gantt chart? Is it based of MTM-1 or some other standard?


2.) I am able to simulate a particular scenario with normal commands like "Auto Grasp","Get" etc. I wanted  to     know about TSB and in what scenarios it should be used as opposed to standard commands?



I would appreciate any inputs regarding above mentioned queries.


Many thanks in advance



Accepted by topic author Varun_B
‎08-16-2016 12:39 AM

Re: General Information regarding Process Simulate Human

Hi Varun,


1) When creating a non TSB walk operation:

The distance is measured

The operation duration is calculated using this distance and the walk speed

The default walk speed is based on MTM1 – and the user can override it in the user options:




When working with a non TSB simulation in PS on eMS / PS Standalone you can also link the operation to MTM codes. Select the human compound operation and invoke: “Edit MTM Information….”:





This will bring up a UI where you can select MTM codes from the MTM timecards.


When creating TSB tasks - the times are also based on MTM standards.

For a TSB simulation you can see a list of all the resulting time codes by invoking, “Create Timing Report”:







For most general human simulations the recommendation is to use TSB.

TSB provides a more intuitive UI to create the simulations, better what if analysis capabilities etc.

In addition TSB has the focus, and most new features will be supported only on TSB.


Some features e.g. kinematic operations and human automatically follow moving device - are still supported only with the non TSB operations.


You can then author part of the simulation with TSB – wrap the TSB simulation in a compound operation. Author parts of the simulation with the old non TSB operations, wrap this in a compound operation.

Create link as required between the two compound operations.


Best regards,


Re: General Information regarding Process Simulate Human

Hi Pelle,


Thanks for the information