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Help with Jack walking on an angled surface

I am trying to simulate Jack walking across the deck of a ship. The deck either has a shear angle to it or is cambered. In other words, there is a curved slope to it to help water run off. How do I get Jack/Jill to walk across this curved surface without it appearing as if their feet are going through the object or hovering above it? Any tips, workarounds, and/or advice is appreciated.




Re: Help with Jack walking on an angled surface

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if the human walks in the slope direction you can use plug-in ElevationTransition - please see pdf attached.


But if the human goes along the angled surface - the only option I know is to create the walk simulation in Animation Window step by step. In the Animation Window select - General / Joint / Figure / Add all Joints from Figure: ... and select the human model - so in the simulation all joints will be captured. Create several walking postures with e.g. right foot higher then left one. Then in the same time add several General / Figure Motion and move the human in the walk direction. So you will get combination of joint motion and figure motion in the same time. To create such movie it is time consuming but you can copy Joint Motion if you have postures for 1 step to reuse what you created for the first step.





Re: Help with Jack walking on an angled surface

Thanks. We'll give it a try and see what happens.