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How to import CAD files from Solidworks to Jack


 Hello everyone 


I am working with Process simulate 14.0 and Jack simulation. I want to do 2 things which I am struggling with 


1. I have a relatively large CAD file of a factory environment with lots of parts, some parts are individuals and some are assembled parts (meaning that an assembly part consists of e.g. 10 parts)... what is the best way to import this into Jack? WITHOUT losing the assembly constraint or recieving error ... this is giving me a big headache!!


2. Let's say I can import everything, now I have  e.g. a wrench (assembled from 5 individual parts) and I want the Jack to get this wrench. in my simulation, Jack grabs the handle (1 part) and not the whole assembly ... bascially the sofware thinks I have 5 indvidual parts and there is no constraints between them (Note that the wrench is on a desk, so when picking up I just want to pick the wrench and not the desk and wrench together)