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Human scaling


I'm learning JackScript for developing a module.


From JackScript Tutorial


2.4.2. Human scaling

The method Human.Scale provides access to 'simple scaling', which depends only on the human figure's gender, height and weight:

          >>> jill = CreateFemale("jill")
          >>> jill.Scale(6*u.ft, 170*, 'female')



When I entered "jill.Scale(6*u.ft, 170*, 'female')" in JackScript console, Jack stopped working.

So I wonder how to scale the human figure's gender, height and weight with JackScript.



Re: Human scaling

The Scale functionality on the human has been superseded with newer functionality that allows selection of the desired anthropometric database to use. Please try the following updated commands: >>> myHum = scene. >>> myHumAS = myHum._human.initAnthroscale('CDN_LF_97') <= Any of the database name options from the scaling dialog can be used. >>> stature = 175.0 >>> weight = 71.0 >>> myHumAS.scaleHeightNweight(stature, weight) Note that the API expects stature in cm and weight in kg.

Re: Human scaling

Thank you for your answer!
But these commands still made an error. It said...

File "<console>", line 1, in <module>
File "", line 1762, in __getattr__
AttributeError: initAnthroscale

Ps. I also removed "_" from >>> myHumAS = myHum._human.initAnthroscale('CDN_LF_97')
Is it correct?

Re: Human scaling


It could be that it was difficult to follow the commands due to the reformatting of the post.

I've pasted them here again, hopefully more readable:


>>> myHum = scene.human
>>> myHumAS = myHum._human.initAnthroscale('CDN_LF_97')
>>> stature = 175.0
>>> weight = 71.0
>>> myHumAS.scaleHeightNweight(stature, weight)


The "_" in the second line is correct.

Please give the steps another try.


Re: Human scaling

Now It's work.
Thank you very much UlrichRaschke Smiley Happy