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Importing .igs files to Jack problem


Hi everyone,


Coming across a problem that is happening time and time again for me, as said from my previous post, I am currently working a Masters Project that involves Jack 8.2 heavily.


I have recieved .CATpart and .CATproduct files for CATIA V5 that I need to import into Jack,


So from the Jack User Manual I have opened files in CATIA and saved them in .igs format, when importing these files to Jack, the command window runs through the information and says SUCCESS at the bottom, but after this the Jack window goes completly blank, except for the graphics information in top right hand corner..


I have attached a photo of the problem,


Any information would be greatly appreciated,










Re: Importing .igs files to Jack problem

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

Hi Mick,


it maybe be units issue (Catia mm, Jack cm by default)? Isn't the model so huge it covers all screen?


Please try to set correct path while importing (translating) iges part and play with scale acording a pdf attached.


The preferable data fotma is jt so if you have the academic Tecnomatix bundle license available please try Catia Jt-bi-directional translator and use JT format. You can directly open JT model (no translation needed) and the model size is much smaller and faster to work with.