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JACK 8.0.1 Kinect Interface

Has anyone use the Kinect module in JACK 8?  Documentation is from 8/20012 and shows the older Xbox360 style Kinect as well as the Microsoft SDK v1.5.  There is a new Kinect for the Xbox One system that uses Microsoft SDK v1.8.  I was hoping someone can tell me if the new Xbox One Kinect and Microst SDK will work with JACK 8 or should I buy the older Kinect and download the older SDK?


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Accepted by topic author mstack2638
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: JACK 8.0.1 Kinect Interface

Jack versions v8.0 and v8.0.1 currently support the first generation Kinect for Windows sensor and Microsoft SDK v1.5. We are anxiously waiting availability of the V2 Kinect sensor to explore it's capabilities. 


Re: JACK 8.0.1 Kinect Interface

Hi JACK 8.0.1 is backward compatible with previous version of Kinect