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Jack 8.0 simulation queries

We are facing many problems while doing human simulation in jack 8.0. Please find attached ppt for the queries.

Please do the needful.


Re: Jack 8.0 simulation queries


  Have you had an opportunity to read through and work with the TSB Help Manual and Tutorial that is included with the Jack distribution?  There is a lot of information in this document that can address some of the items in your powerpoint slides.


Slide1:  This may be a bounding box issue.  Try to 'ReRoot" the geometry and the perform a GET. (Right Click on object and select ReRoot option)

Slide 2: you may want to edit the humans final destination for the task prior to GET.  This way the human may not need to walk or turn and you will be able to keep the uninvolved hand still

Slide 3: you may want to insert a "Regrasp" task.

Slide 4: Currently you cannot delete individual via postures

Slide 6: Currently, each hand can only grasp one item at a time.  Depending on your scenario, you may want to use the Object Attach option to have the human pick up more than one item at a time.

Slide 7: In the Human Control Panel, the object should be attached to the human, if you move the part, the human hands will stay attached and follow.  You can use via postures to add additional steps (such as sideways)

Slide 8: Currently the best option for this is probably a Pose task.


All the best,



Re: Jack 8.0 simulation queries

Hi Christina,


 Thanks for your reply for our concern.

I have read through the TSB manual.Though it contains a lot of information but still i am unable to get the solution of the issues which i had posted.


Here I am attaching the same ppt with more description of the scenario.

I have the following queries for the reply of slides:


Slide 1: As per my understanding "ReRoot" geometry is used for JT files to Readjust the root site of an object.For Environment files we use "Centre figure Root" or change its root site by its property.We had even changed its root site and centre figured root but getting the same issue.


Slide 2: I had kept the human in a place where he can get the bolts and he was able to perform "Get" activity for the 1st bolt.I had also tried it for different positions of human for easy get befor "Get" activity which you are talking about,but the same error was shown for other bolts.


Slide 3: I want to have control on the hold of an object while human walks with it.I had Grasped the object the way i wanted it to be hold during walk of human.


Slide 6: The Human had not got any object int the timeline where we were trying to add get activity.


Slide 7: Can you tell in detail how to attach object to human using Human Control because i am unable to get such command.


Slide 8: By Human Pose task we can only pose a human.But here we have to slide the cart with human.So we used Position/Put task.






Re: Jack 8.0 simulation queries

hi my friends

how can i get demo version of the Jack software? could you please send it to me?

how can i purchase the software? does any body help me?

Re: Jack 8.0 simulation queries

Thank you for your interest in Jack!


Please visit our online store site:


Here you can access the trial and get information on purchase of the software.




Re: Jack 8.0 simulation queries

HiThank you for your kindly responsei could not find a link to get the trial or demo version of Jack 8.0 simulation querieswould you please send me link of download?kind regards

Re: Jack 8.0 simulation queries

Sorry you were not able to find the Jack trial/student download links.


Please try this for the 30 day commercial trial:


Or this for the student download: