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Jack and Optitrack Tracking Tools




I would like to know if it is possible to integrate Jack with Optitrack Tracking Tools. Is there a native application or is necessary an additional applications? 


Thank you!


Re: Jack and Optitrack Tracking Tools

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Hi UnivpmDamiano,


Through the Motion Capture Toolkit add-on, a broad range of motion capture devices are supported.This add-on includes a 3rd party communication interface, that allows partners to develop an interface. Unfortunately, the OptiTrack system is currently not one of the system interfaces available.


There are a few options for support:


1. Have Optitrack join the Siemens PL Partner program, allowing them to develop an interface.

2. Develop the interface yourselves -  licensed users of the Motion Capture Toolkit add-on have access to the Mocap Communcation protocol.

3. Use the JackScript Python interface to develop your own connection (real-time performance may be limited)






Re: Jack and Optitrack Tracking Tools


Thank UlrichRaschke for your clear answer, 


I could develop the communication interface, customized to my needs.

But I'm also thinking to another type of integration not in real-time. So can I use the JackScript Python interface to develop a system able to take a recorded trajectory from Optitrack and play it with the manikin into Jack?


Thank you