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Jack in Oculus Rift

Dear all,

I'm looking for information concerning the implementation of Jack software into an Oculus Rift virtual reality device for a new scientific and academic project. Did anyone already develop this solution?

Thanks for your help,


Accepted by topic author nicolabo56
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Jack in Oculus Rift



We currently use the Oculus Rift in the motion capture lab that I run in Philadelphia. Sending a display to the Rift is easy. You just need to set up the Rift as a display device on the PC running Jack. Set the display resolution to 1280x800. Then set up a left eye and right eye view for a floating head or full avatar on respective sides of this display screen. If you rotate the eye sights out by 6 degrees on each eye, you get a nicely merged image inside of the Rift.


We have not yet integrated with the inertial head trackers, as we generally use an optical motion tracking system.



Re: Jack in Oculus Rift

Dear Becky,

Thanks for your reply, it really helps to know that you already developped that solution! We should have the last DK2 at the end of August, 2014, so I will let you know after this date. We also have an optical mocap system so we will use it to parameterize the point of view adaptation.

Thanks again for your help,