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Jack student cannot import any file

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I am having some issues with Jack student version during testing.

I am using windows 10, which isn't supported, so I'm not expecting official support.

I'm just hoping to find a workaround that can be used until Win8/10 are supported.


However, Ithought i'd share to maybe find a workaround.

I was using Java RE 8.x, which wouldn't even let me run the installer.

After finding a thread online about the same problem with NX Jack, 

I uninstalled java and installed Java RE 7.51, which let me run the installer but it crashed.

Then, using windows "troubleshoot compatability" option (right-click installer), and running through that, the installer installed just fine.


Now, while running Jack, I cannot import any files (tried 3 different types), I just get the following error:




With this in the log file:


# Original Command: jiViewer_toglReshape _3a13cf0_jiViewer_p
jiViewer_toglReshape $jiViewer_1
##: Unknown Error caused by menu command: jsDialogCallback call; jsImportFile
##: ERROR: cannot call method "configure" for context "tixControl".



To me, it seems very obvious that this is a Java problem

Does anyone have any advice on what to try to work around this error?

I am currently trying to get compatability mode working on the .bat file that launches Jack.


Kind regards,


Thomas Musters, Virtual Reality development for Design & Engineering, ASML

Production: {NX9, VisMockup, Unity}

Development: {C#, Java, VB} Testing: {-none-}