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Jack v8.2 Force Solver Tool Purpose


Hello Guys,


I have a question about force solver tool. I am trying to predict whether the human can move an object or not. Human is sitting on a chair and trying to move an object during sitting. There are reaction forces acting on the object. I am doing this in force solver tool, but I am not sure of the way I am trying it. I divided the force to left and right palm centers as reaction force. I was expecting that the capability of shoulders will be the lowest among other muscles, and shoulder forces will give me the answer of whether the human can move the object or not. But I am not sure if force solver gives me the solution of this problem. The set force solver windows is as follows. Am I doing this analysis true? In the results I read that human can do this task. Also I have question about strength mean column. Is this parameter shows us the capability of human muscle in that position? For example for this task, human shoulders can apply 89 and 100 Nm force.Capture 1.JPG


Thank you for the answers,