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Kinect - Documentation


I set up Jack 8.3 and xbox 360 kinect sensor.

but I dont know how used it.How will I work on applications ? and are there maked applications ?

Help me , please


Re: Kinect - Documentation

Come on , please help me

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 I once tried same approach as you. but does not work. I checked the help and find Jack only support kinetic senor ( not XBOX one. looks similar. but different). if you use XBOX sensor. system can't tell it from the inteface... BTW, XBOX sensor price is much cheaper than dedicated kinetic sensor for jack.


 if possible, please try some other motion capture device, like Nurion. not expensive and fully wearable. 

Re: Kinect - Documentation


BTW ??

Re: Kinect - Documentation

I'm willing to help you but I need you to formulate your needs a bit better...


Kind regards,


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Re: Kinect - Documentation

BTW means "by the way".


Also, to utilize the sensor, you can, in the menu bar, go to Modules -> Plug-ins..., select Kinect in Available Modules box, and move it over to Auto-Load Modules using the "--->" button. After you do that, click OK.

This will make the module available from the Modules menu. Click Modules -> Kinect.


From looking at the the Kinect module window, it appears you need to add a human figure to the scene. So, do that.