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Movie export


Hi All,


I am a fairly new user of JACK with my question relating to the export of the TSB into a movie format so it can be played back as a Movie file.


I have followed the help notes, exported the document to the animation system and from there I cannot export it.


When I select the TSB with the pointer and try to save it I get an interface error.


I guess my question is two fold, why do I get the interface error?


And or, is anyone able to talk through the export procedure.


Many thanks in advance for you help. 


Re: Movie export

Solution Partner Phenom Solution Partner Phenom
Solution Partner Phenom



Can you try this procedure:

1. Set the TSB-simulation in its initial state.

2. Export to animation

3. Close the TSB window

4. Inthe  animation window click set frame 0, then click generate

5. Once the animation has finished try to export again



Gert Nomden

Gert Nomden
Senior Consultant | Tecnomatix Product Manager

Re: Movie export


Hi Gert,


Many thanks for the reply. Must the screen saver be off for this to work?


The error I am getting is attached, have you seen before? Do you know what I need to do?


Thanks again,