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Posture References


Hello to everyone,

I was wondering if all those postures implemented in Jack were taken from some papers or scientific articles on biomechanics. I would need some information related to the joints of various postures, but I can't find anything in Jack docs. Do you know how Siemens implemented those postures and where they got all the information from?

Thank you very much.


Re: Posture References

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

The whole body and hand postures have been updated for Jack v9.0. These are representative of commonly observed postures, and not directly defined in a standards document. They provide a good starting point when manipulating the figure for a particular analysis.


Whole body postures reflect those frequently requested by customers. Hand postures in part reflect those shown in the SAE/USCAR-43 design guidelines for shipping caps, torque caps and body plugs.