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Problems with Elevation Transition



I got a problem with the elevation transition in Process Simulate. I got a human who is supposed to pick 2 objects up (one in each hand) then goes to a platform and moves up to work on the platform.
Now I got 3 issues:

  1. I can only select 1 object for the human to carry up. But he is carrying 2 objects at the same time. Is there any solution to this?
  2. I don't understand how I can insert the human's elevation transition into 2 parts of TSB. So the human gets the 2 objects (TSB), then goes on the platform while carrying both objects (elevation transition) and then he goes below a car and puts in both objects (TSB again). 
    When I tried to put it in the elevation transition it automatically created another operation root. So when I start the simulation it can't play the whole scenario (I hope you understand what I mean). Does anyone know how to put in all simulations into on operation root?
  3. Is it possible to reduce the elevation transition's footsteps to only 1 step? 





PS: If you need pictures for a better imagination feel free to ask.


Re: Problems with Elevation Transition

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In order to mix TSB simulations with Non TSB operations, the important thing is to "wrap" the TSB simulation in "Compound operations". This will allow linking them after eachother etc.


Please see the attached video where two TSB simulations are created, and some non TSB operations are linked in between the TSB simulations.


It also shows how to workaround the Elevation UI restiction (you can only specify that one object is to be carried).

You can manually create a Human Event, establishing a grasp relation between the human and another object.


The Elevation transition will work only for 3 or more steps.


(view in My Videos)

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