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Process Simulate Human Add-on


I have Process Simulate installed on Teamcenter and I was wondering how I can add the Process Simulate Human add-on to Process Simulate. If there is any package that I need to install or something because I have not found information regarding this issue.





Re: Process Simulate Human Add-on

Hi, There are no Add-Ons required to run PS Human on TC.

If you have the proper license - you should be good to go.


It is not possible to Create a Human model in PS  - it needs to be created on the TC side.

Please see the snippet below from the documentation:


Chapter 1: Creating a Human Model Item
Process Simulate treats Teamcenter items as human models when both of the following are true:
• They are mapped to a Process Simulate resource.
• There is a data set of type ProcessSimulateHumanModel attached to the current item revision.
To create a human model item in Teamcenter:
1. Attach a new data set of type ProcessSimulateHumanModel to a type of item that is mapped
to a resource (for example, MEResource). The ProcessSimulateHumanModel data set type
is created by Process Simulate through customization scripts. The data set need not contain
any files.
2. Set the relation type of the data set to Process Simulate Details.
3. Assign the ProcessSimulateHumanModel data set a meaningful name so that it is easily
recognizable, for example, ProcessSimulateHumanModel.

The video below shows the steps to create the Human item in TC. 


The video also shows how to create some data structures. ME Collaboration, Process, Plant + some other items. The Human item itself is created around 2:00 into the video. At 2:50 the human model dataset is created.


(view in My Videos)


Once the human model is loaded in PS, you can open the properties for it.

-> In order to change it's appearance from the default segmented/ change it's gender, size etc.


Re: Process Simulate Human Add-on

Hi PelleAberg: 


Thanks so much for the answer. Do you have youtube link for the video because I can not open it here?

I just have one more question and is regaridng to Jack ...

What is the difference between Process Simulate Human and Jack? I want to use human operation and I want to simulate them etc... I saw that in process simulate there is a tool called "Jack Collaboration" what this Jack collaboration exactly is? what this collaboration can offer me? Do I need to install Jack separatly or is it included in the tecnomatix package that I have already installed?


thanks so much



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‎10-04-2016 08:31 AM

Re: Process Simulate Human Add-on

Most welcome, 


I'll send you a separate mail with the TC video.


So, at the core we have the "Jack toolkit".

This is integrated in several applications: Classic Jack, Process Simulate, Vis and NX.


These applications all support human functionality, but there are some differences. 

I'll send you a separate mail with a presentation - illustrating the differences.


The Jack collaboration command in Process Simulat allows you to connect Process Simulate with Classic Jack. Classic Jack is a separate application - that needs to be installed separately.


With the collaboration you can "drive" a Jack human model in Classic Jack using a Jack human model in PS.


Best regards, 


Re: Process Simulate Human Add-on

Would you be able to send me the same presentation or link it here?


Thanks in advance,



Thomas Musters, Virtual Reality development for Design & Engineering, ASML

Production: {NX9, VisMockup, Unity}

Development: {C#, Java, VB} Testing: {-none-}

Re: Process Simulate Human Add-on

Re: Process Simulate Human Add-on


The main reason I asked was because someone on this forum stated that first person view would require PS

Am i correctly assuming that Jack can do everything PS can?


The post i mentioned: Link

Can you confirm or correct this?


Kind regards,

Thomas Musters, Virtual Reality development for Design & Engineering, ASML

Production: {NX9, VisMockup, Unity}

Development: {C#, Java, VB} Testing: {-none-}

Re: Process Simulate Human Add-on

Hi again, 


Understood - so if possible you would like to use "Classic Jack" and not Process Simulate Human.

I work mainly on PSH, but will try to find answers for the questions also for Classic Jack.


When it comes to motion capture - these application support the same devices.

That is - you can stream data from ART to both PS and CJ.

There are some differences in the "post processing" of the motion capture data. If you e.g. intend to record the motion capture session for later review - PS offer some features not available in CJ.


When it comes to HMD - I am pretty sure you can use CJ as well... I'll ask to make sure.

As mentioned in the other link - oculus require "barrell distortion" that is not available on PS nor CJ. Regular HMD's should work by using the individual right/left eye view windows.


Best regards,



Re: Process Simulate Human Add-on

Hi again Thomas, 


I confirmed that you should be able to use HMD's also with Classic Jack.

Unfortunately I was not able to find a list of officially supported HMD's. 


From previous questions about HMD's I have the information below.

Classic Jack HMD:
We are aware of some customers using the NVIS HMDs, like this one:

Process Simulate HMD:
The HMD that we used for testing the system is the hi-Res 900 from Cybermind. (This is probably dated now)

Process Simulate 3D stereo visualization:
The only experience we have is with 3D stereo visualization using BenQ XL2420T screen + 3D Vision Wireless Glasses Kit (

I'll keep you posted if I can find out something more related to supported HMDs.

Best regards,