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Process Simulate - Human - Kinect


I´m trying use a xbox360 kinect model 1414 into a Jack Model in Process Simulate v12. I had a message that is a device not supported. Someone knows if the regular kinect from the xbox 360 work´s on process simulate or need the pc version?


Re: Process Simulate - Human - Kinect

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Officially only the "Kinect for windows" (V1) sensor is supported. However, I did try the XBox 360 1414 sensor myself and it worked ok. You will need to get the external powersupply for this sensor to work connected to a PC though.


If you already have the external powersupply, and it still does not work - let me know.

I've had problems like that in the past, the resolution was then to uninstall everything Kinect related and re-install it. Starting with the 1.5 SDK, then insert the sensor and let MS automatically install it's drivers.

Hope this helps!