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Pushing a Chart

Hi ¡ I would like to know if there is the possibility to simulate a realistic situation where a human is pushing a chart and walking at the same time. 


The best approximation that I get was the human sliding with the chart instead of walking.


How can I solve it ??


Thank you


Re: Pushing a Chart



Please let us know which application: Classic Jack or Process Simulate Human you are working in. It's also interesting to know which version you have installed, thanks!



Re: Pushing a Chart

Thanks fo answering! I´m working on Task Simulation Builder with the version Jack 8.4.

Re: Pushing a Chart


currently cart pushing is hard to properly model using TSB.


This is likely to be adressed in a future release.

For now - you can try faking it, but yes either the human will simply slide (not walk) on the floor, or the human will loose grip of the cart handle.


FWIW in Process Simulate Jack  (using the old non TSB operations) it is possible to let Jack follow a moving object, e.g. cart. If using Process Simulate is an option - let me know and I'll create a video showing the steps to create such a simulation.

Re: Pushing a Chart

Yes please!!  I´m really interested Smiley Very Happy. Thank you so much

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‎05-16-2017 04:20 AM

Re: Pushing a Chart

Ok, so in PS you would do something similar as shown in the video:


Grasp the cart - e,g. using the AutoGrasp command.
Use the Place Ojbect command to have Jack walk with the cart.
Use the Follow object mode(s) - that will allow the cart to move linearly.
If you choose Carry mode, Jacks hands may move and the cart may  bounce up and down.

If the torso is "jerky" edit the event and Apply the fix torso constraint.

(view in My Videos)