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Running Jack 8.4 using command prompt




I am able to run Jack using command prompt. However, now I want to tell Jack to open a python file using command prompt. Does Jack 8.4 allow the users to do that? If yes then how?


Re: Running Jack 8.4 using command prompt

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

There is a file specifically for this purpose.

.jk.tcl will be called from the HOME directory on startup of Jack.

You may need to create this file - it is not there by default.

You can place any commands you wish to automatically start here


Note that this will be read by the .tcl interpreter.

If you wish to execute a Python function, use the following Tcl commands:  jcPy_evalSimple or jcPy_evalString


For commands that don’t return a value use this syntax:

jcPy_evalSimple “import js”


Otherwise use:

jcPy_evalString “scene.human.Pose(‘squat’)”