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Sequential LookAt motion generation



I am working on JackScript with Jack 8.2 and facing issues in generating sequential head/eye lookat motion using LookAt command.


In my scene I have bunch of CAD objects and I want Jack to look at an object for some duration then look at next object. I want to implement this via JackScript. 


My current code looks somewhat like this:

Jack.LookAt("eh", scene.object1)


Jack.LookAt("eh", scene.object2)


Jack.LookAt("eh", scene.object3)


Jack.LookAt("eh", scene.object4)


However, once I execute script, Jack UI hands for a some time and then directly shows the last LookAt command's result - i.e. in above case it directly shows output of Jack.LookAt("eh", scene.object4). I was to simulate it sequentially i.e. Jack should look at object1 then wait for 3 secs then jump to object 2 and so on. There is no error in python code.


Am I wrongly implementing any command? Is there is any seperate command to refresh display window?