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Task Creator


I am trying to perform a human operation in process simulate but I am struggling to get the part placed in the exact position that it need to be placed. In the attached picture it can be seen the the placement manipulator window where I enter the desired location for the part... 


However, when I try to enter the desired coordenates in the highlighted part of the picture, I cant get combinition of coordinates that I need to have... when I start filling the 6 possitions that I can fill there, the coordinates that I have already entered change when I fill a new one, so I can´t get the exactly location that want to have....


Do you know why is that happening or how I can fix that problem?


Thanks in advance


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‎12-05-2016 08:42 AM

Re: Task Creator



In cases where you have already the exact target location for a TSB put task, I would recommend to:

   With the object in the correct target location - Create an object flow task for the object.

   When you later create the Put task, do not move the object using the Placement manipulator or the Relocate command. Instead have the object snap to the target location from the object flow operation. 


This is done by, selecting the object flow operations target location.

Invoke the "Manipulate location" command. 


I'll create a video showing the steps involved.


Best regards, 


Re: Task Creator

(view in My Videos)

Re: Task Creator

Thanks a lot Pelle it was really well explained.


Best Regards