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Walk operation issue




I have a little problem in human simulation. When I create a walk operation, it seems to work but the Jack is walking in the air. The only solution to correct the movement is to relocate the WalkLoc-points. But this is kind of annoying because I will have to do it on every single operation..




Is there some frame of the human model in a wrong place or something else, maybe options have been set incorrectly? 


Also, I am not able to use TSB at all.




Hope you guys can help me.

I am using Process Simulate version 12.0TR1.



- SaMe


Re: Walk operation issue

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend
Hi SaMe,

Can you please mail me a video showing when you create the walk operation, and the resulting playback of the simulation?
If possible also include a .psz file.

I would like you to try one thing.
Before creating the walk operation - please invoke the "Apply Default Posture" command on the human model.
Let me know if that have an effect.

As for the TSB issue.
In the upper left corner there is a "Simulation menu".
Open the menu and invoke the "Create Simulation" command.

I agree that the Simulation menu may not be easy to find.
>From 12.1 (to be released end of April 2015)

? If you open up the TSB dialog without an active TSB simulation.

? There will be a big "Create Simulation" button shown on the "empty page".

Hope this helps,

Re: Walk operation issue


Thank you for the quick response Pelle!


It looks like my walk operations are now working after I restarted my computer. I can't even recreate the "issue" so I think that was just some glitch. I will catch a video if that happens later.

What can I say about that, the "glitch" came out when I applied a Kneeling-posture after Walk Operation.


Ok now I get it, I was just too blind to see that Simulation-button in TSB.

Thank You!



- SaMe