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attaching an object to human




I am looking for a method to attach an object to human. Assume we have a hand drill that is hanging from human waist ... if human moves, the hand drill should follow human trajectory. I want to find a way to do this simulation (later on, the human can "get" the hand drill and perform a scenario)


I tried "attach" and "move" function in TSB but objects cannot be attached to human model! ... I also tried "get" and manually relocate the hands to ordinary position and relocate the hand drill like it is hanging from the waist, but in that case If the human moves, the hand drill change its proper orientation so this method does not work also.


Any solution? is this even possible with Human Simulation?


Re: attaching an object to human

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I think that this is not supported well with TSB today.

You may try it with the old non TSB Human operations.

See e.g. attached video for a quick test of something similar to what you describe.

(view in My Videos)


Please note the "general PS Attach" will not work well within a TSB simulation.

If an object is moved by means of PS Attachment - TSB will not know where it is.

Thus the object may jump around in an unexplained way if it is referred by both PS Attach and TSB tasks.


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Re: attaching an object to human

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I think a REGRASP task may help. 


You can GET the object, and orient it so it looks like its hanging from the wrist.  When ready to drill, add a REGRASP task to reposition the object so the human is holding it in the hand.



Re: attaching an object to human




I did not have success with this idea. That works only if the human stands still ... if for example you use "Go TSB task", then with the movement of the hand, the object starts to move up and down (since the Jack thinks the object is still attached to the "Hand" and moves with it!)

Re: attaching an object to human

Thank you very much Pelle for the video and explanation, it is really helpful ... I am surprised this feature is still not available with the simulation in TSB mode. in my scenario, I use many TSB tasks such as GET, Position, Put and Wait, so what you said is very disappointing

two questions:
1. I see in the video you use snapshot editor, I never used it, what is the reason for using that?
2. in the middle of the operation, when you re-run the full scenario, the drill does not move with the human and you use the attach function again, is it a bug in the system? I do not think you used any TSB tasks, so based on what you explained, the drill should remain attached to the human.