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D-Cubed 2D DCM version 67.0 release highlights

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Enhancements introduced in version 67.0 of D-Cubed 2D DCM (2D Dimensional Constraint Manager) include:


New Constraint - Lock

The 2D DCM has always had the ability to Fix a geometry, enabling an application to instruct the geometric constraint solver not to move the fixed geometry. The Lock constraint extends the capabilities of Fix.

Locked geometries retain their status codes, rather than just being identified as fixed. Status codes include well defined, under-defined and over-defined. Retention of the status codes helps to diagnose problems with the constraint scheme.

In addition, the Lock constraint can directly fix the direction and centre of a geometry without needing to use construction geometry. This simplifies integration of 2D DCM, and provides a clearer view of the geometric model, its constraint scheme and the associated status codes.

Freedoms of a rigid spline curve without a rotation lock:







Freedoms of a rigid spline curve with a rotation lock:







Autoconstraining Improvements

2D DCM offers various methods and options for automatically identifying dimensions and constraints. In the latest release the application has more control over automatically deduced constraints to the directions assigned to splines and other parametric curves. Also, there is more control over the automated constraining of geometries depending on how far they are apart.


Before and after autoconstraining


Performance Improvements for Symmetry and Pattern Constraints

The solving performance of many models containing symmetry or pattern constraints has been improved.


About D-Cubed 2D DCM

D-Cubed 2D DCM (2D Dimensional Constraint Manager) is widely acknowledged as the leading 2D geometric constraint solver. In addition to driving the sketcher in many CAD products, 2D DCM is used in CAM, CAE and other geometry-based applications.